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The Art of Shaving
A man shaves more than 20,000 times during his lifetime - and how he shaves is essential to attaining healthier, smoother skin. Once men begin using The Art of Shaving products, they tell us they experience, day after day, far more comfort than ever before along with healthier, smoother skin.

Mel Gambert Shirts
Soon after Mel Gambert stepped into his family's highly-respected decades-old made-to-order shirt business, he started to change the most basic elements of how shirts are measured. New age technology and old-world artisanship combine to make you look and feel your best.

In 1934, the brothers Giovanni and Giocomo Canali founded a tailoring workshop dedicated to the manufacture of high quality clothing. Canali has become well regarded as the best value in ready to wear clothing from Italy. The value per dollar cannot be matched. F. Camalo has the best selection of Canali in the state.

Italo Ferretti
For the past thirty years, Italo Ferretti has been designing neckwear for Brioni. Quietly since 2001, Italo and his son Carlo have launched the Italo Ferretti label offering the finest quality in handmade neckwear with innovated designs. Experience what industry insiders have known for years. Italo Ferretti is hand made in Silvio Marina, Italy.

Since originating in Vicenza, Italy in the late 1950's, Zanella has been synonymous with high quality Men's (and Women's) sartorial trousers. Zanella entered the United States market in 1978, as a Men's trouser resource. Zanella is particularly known for the exceptional fit and quality of their garments, which are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the American consumer.

Life in I Style
If You Speak Fashion, You Speak Italian: Life in I Style. Hearst Magazines is proud to recognize F.Camalo as an Italian Style Leader for excellence in Italian merchandise and outstanding service.

Ravazzolo is a hand made garment made in Vincenza, Italy. It is a second generation company started in 1959 by Giancarlo Ravazzolo and is now operated by his two sons. The quality is similar to Brioni but with a much more gentle price point. The fit is more relaxed as it is with Canali. The fabric selection is the best in the industry, as is their incredible made to measure program, which features a four week delivery.

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Walter Jr.
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Not quite everything you'll find or hear about at F.Camalo is bound for a hanger or your chest of drawers. Frank Camalo's pursuits are reflected in a range of offerings that share his zest for life, great taste and sense of discovery.